The Ideal Job…

Its been a long block but I am back.. This is something I have been meaning to share with so many of you because I feel we share a lot of common grounds with this one in today’s competitive world.

The biggest hype I have experienced is about getting an ideal job. Now what is it really! I have studied Bachelors in Architecture which has been my passion since I could spell career. And I am satisfied. I work as an analyst with workforce in Barclays and I am satisfied too. I know you are surprised. Most of the people around me are. Coz I’m expected to be an architect building layouts after layouts.

I have received so much criticism in d face of being constructive critics really I kind of have lost the count. There have been days when I did give this a lot of thought. And there are days when it hasn’t even crossed my mind. Through all this turmoil in me I have reached one conclusion. I am not content. I am not satisfied or even close to settled. But again it hits me, “How screwed up can I be ??” And until I find whatever that is I am going to work really hard.

Sometimes careers don’t work with the plan we have set in our minds. And I have seen this a lot.

I have been working for 9 years and its been a mixture of what not : ranging along as Tele callers, receptionist, office assistant, data entry operator, customer service, workforce analyst, graphic designer and architect. And its been an amazing journey so far. All through school and college I have slogged to become an architect. But as I worked with every other designation I realised I was good at it.

As I grew up I have realised one thing. We may not really work for our dream job. All we really have to do is to make the most of what we are. Even the dream job can be an illusion. And it has worked for me. I have always thought my lowest attribute is the fear of failure. And to this I was always told that I should never share my weakness to anyone. But hey ! Are we not suppose to face our fears ? And how can we face our fears if we can’t even say it out aloud ? So I have said it out aloud to myself and faced it everyday. Everyday I fell flat on my face if I failed and got up to thrash it again. And that made me a winner in every aspect of my life. I might not have received the title but I can give myself a pat on the back.

So okay world I am ready !! Coz I know you will find a way to mess things up BUT this time I am ready coz I know how to make the best of anything.

With a Determined Smile I sign off,

Ciao World.


The Gospel Truth.

Truth ! Honesty ! Big words. What is truth? How much of my world has been truth? I wonder…

When there is conflict in my life I have never made good decisions. I don’t sleep well because my mind is busy weighing pros and cons,playing “What If?”

Oh dear, That question had broken me down quite a few times.

Through the years I have accepted that I am surrounded by a layer of hypocrisy. Mind you, I am no rebel. I am a girl who wanted to soar high only to realise that when you are asked to fly it means your boundaries are set. Over the years I have tried to observe our fancy society and understand what do they really want from a girl.Family, friends or any stranger that I cross. And then it hits me. I am a girl. I cant question. Or Cant I?

I am no feminist. But everytime wrong happens my heart flips and my gut sickens. This ingrained contempt against a species of mankind just because they have breasts and vagina has failed to humour me anymore.I have no intention of changing the society. But I have changed my world. I have created my safe haven.And I wish every human being does the same.

My blog is to express the feeling of a little girl. The tears hidden in the pillow, the screams muffled within, the disappointments gulped down. Coz I am proud of all this.

Signing off. Ciao World.😊