The Gospel Truth.

Truth ! Honesty ! Big words. What is truth? How much of my world has been truth? I wonder…

When there is conflict in my life I have never made good decisions. I don’t sleep well because my mind is busy weighing pros and cons,playing “What If?”

Oh dear, That question had broken me down quite a few times.

Through the years I have accepted that I am surrounded by a layer of hypocrisy. Mind you, I am no rebel. I am a girl who wanted to soar high only to realise that when you are asked to fly it means your boundaries are set. Over the years I have tried to observe our fancy society and understand what do they really want from a girl.Family, friends or any stranger that I cross. And then it hits me. I am a girl. I cant question. Or Cant I?

I am no feminist. But everytime wrong happens my heart flips and my gut sickens. This ingrained contempt against a species of mankind just because they have breasts and vagina has failed to humour me anymore.I have no intention of changing the society. But I have changed my world. I have created my safe haven.And I wish every human being does the same.

My blog is to express the feeling of a little girl. The tears hidden in the pillow, the screams muffled within, the disappointments gulped down. Coz I am proud of all this.

Signing off. Ciao World.😊


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