Crazy Me! Sensible Me!

I have always wanted to write. But the sucker truth of life has put my mood on to the biggest swings of life. And today as I make the longest ride to office (which i do everyday btw…) I just formed my blog.Yes, thats how it has begun. Silly it may sound but this is it.

Well now who am I?? Do I really need to define myself??  Am I sounding too stuck up ?? This is what I am thinking right now. I have been this confused and messed up all my life. Though I look quite sorted, thank god for that.

My relationship with life has been a hell of a journey. In short , we have had the best times and then fucked each other up. LOL. Yes. Thats what it is. Sounds simple. Its my beginning.

Ciao World…cropped-img_20161126_183238.jpg


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